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Chung Shan Medical University Students’ visit at ELG

ELG had the privilege of playing host to Professor Tsai Meng-Ju and his students from the Department of Speech Language Pathology & Audiology. Read highlights of this eventful 3-day visit.

Two Languages = Double Trouble?

Your questions on raising bilingual children answered

Metacognition Session Preview: Preventing Teacher Burnout

Find out what we will be exploring in this workshop on preventing teacher burnout.

Metacognition Session Preview: Metacognitive and Multisensory Approaches to Dyslexia Interventions

Find out what we will be learning in this training on the Metacognitive & Multisensory Approach to Dyslexia Interventions

Science activity: Share a Secret Message with Invisible Ink!

Here’s a fun science activity to try at home!

Silly Summer Fun! Musical Clothes Activity for Children

It’s time for silly summer fun! Try our Musical Clothes activity with a small group, and encourage your child’s creativity, and social and motor skills. Click here to play.

October 25-27, 2019 | Metacognitive Teaching: Intensive Professional Development at Octave’s Sangha Wellness Retreat

Through the metacognitive approaches introduced at this training, attendees will adjust their teaching to promote:
Learning independence
Executive functioning
Feelings of safety and security in the classroom
Language acquisition and speech development in a multilingual environment
Reading and dyslexia interventions
and more!

Experience ELG

Experience ELG is a great way to see first-hand our work with children, learn about ELG’s history, and get introduced to our sister NGO, Xiersen.