When working with children, ELG’s experienced specialists tailor activities to target and enhance different areas to make progress possible. From building fine motor skills and direction-following to developing self-regulation, social skills and sensory exploration, here are some ideas for some meaningful wintertime fun for you and your little ones. 

Let’s get started with the festive activities!

1. Christmas Tree Mindfulness Activity 

Using almost any Christmas tree image, draw large arrows across the tree and follow the arrows as you take deep, slow breaths in and out. With each controlled breath, focus on thinking intentional thoughts that bring you peace. With the holiday season being slightly different this year around, it is especially important for us to be mindful of children’s (and our own) thoughts and emotions to manage better. For every layer of the tree, you can focus on a particular person, thing, or aspect of the holidays that warm your heart. Thinking about things that you are grateful for is also a great way to pair the benefits of deep breathing with an attitude of gratitude

2. Gingerbread Man Craft 

This gingerbread man crafts works on scissor cutting, drawing, coloring, tool grasp, glue management, and direction following. Start by a tracing a gingerbread man cutout on cardstock and cut it out. Prepare a whole bunch of crafting materials to use as embellishments (pom poms, buttons, googly eyes, plastic gems, ribbon, feathers, pieces of cloth, beads, paper scraps etc.) Encourage your child to be as imaginative as possible and select their favorite item to accessorize to make a unique gingerbread man (or woman). Though this activity, kids get all kinds of fine motor practice and let their creativity shine through! Now, let’s craft some designer-worthy gingerbread goodies.

3. Paper Snowflake Cutouts 

If working on scissor skills is a priority, a paper snowflake is the way to go this winter. This cupcake liner paper snowflake activity boosts hand strength with a pretty result! You could download snowflake templates to cut out as patterns, or if that’s too complicated, you can let children free cut. No two snowflakes are the same!

4Winter Tic Tac Toe with Sight Words

5. Sparkly Holiday Playdough

When children squeeze, squish, and pinch play dough, they are working on strengthening all the small muscles in the fingers and hands. In addition, making your own homemade playdough is good for sensory play and exploration. Check our previous post on how to make safe, natural dough. For this winter holiday edition, you simply need to add some glitter to make it sparkle! 

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