Fiona (Yapp) Douglas

Director, Services, Social Worker
B.A., M.A.
University of Bristol, England
University of York, England


Fiona is the Clinic Director at the Essential Learning Group. She is a HCPC registered Child Protection Social Worker from England. Fiona holds a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Theology from the University of Bristol, and a master’s degree with distinction from the University of York. Fiona is also an Honorary Adjunct Field Instructor at New York University in Shanghai.

Prior to joining the Essential Learning Group in 2014, Fiona worked in statutory child protection teams across England as a fully qualified Social Worker. She has advanced knowledge and analytical skills in relation to child wellbeing and safety concerns, and legal case planning. Fiona has been involved in the child welfare sector for over ten years, and was previously a Senior Family Support Worker for a local government council, and a Child Helpline Counselor for a national charity.

As the Clinic Director at The Essential Learning Group, Fiona leads a team of over twenty child and adolescent Specialists in the areas of child development, educational psychology, behavior and mental health. As a Social Worker by background, Fiona leads with a focus on child-centered practice; providing stable and consistent therapy services, and delivering measurable, evidence-based interventions. Fiona and her team work in partnership with parents, educators, and health professionals across Shanghai and Greater China, in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for every child. Fiona continues to provide formal child protection training to professionals and organizations in Shanghai and Greater China upon request.

Fiona actively supports the development of the community support system in Shanghai through engagement with local initiatives. She advocates for greater awareness and understanding of child protection in the international and local environment, and regularly presents on this topic at public events.

Languages: English