Albine Klawatsch

Occupational Therapist, Certified Dyslexia Trainer
B.Sc., M. Sc.
University of Applied Science, Austria


Albine joined ELG in 2014 as part of our Occupational Therapy team. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy at the University of Applied Science in Wiener Neustadt, and a master’s degree in Health Assisting Engineering at the University of Applied Science in Vienna, Austria. After her graduation she worked in a children’s competence center where she gained extensive experience in the field of neuro-pediatrics. In parallel, she also treated children with various development delays in her private practice. With her education and work experience Albine specializes in providing sensory integration treatment, handwriting, fine-and gross-motor training, handedness testing, training to improve attention, visual-motor training, and social-emotional skills development.  She is able to offer comprehensive evaluation of clients’ environments as well as consulting and training for various kinds of aids. Albine is also a Certified Dyslexia Trainer; she is able to provide diagnostic assessment to determine the extent and nature of dyslexia, as well as to define and execute training programs to support affected children and their families.

Albine is passionate about helping people in all aspects of their lives by focusing on their personal values and priorities in order to realize and achieve their goals. She finds working with children in a professional, therapeutic capacity in Shanghai to be especially diverse and rewarding.

Languages: German, English