Kathy Koenig

Speech-Language Pathologist, Voice Coach
Bachelor in Speech and Voice therapist
CJD Institute Schlaffhorst-Andersen


Kathy Koenig studied speech and voice therapy at CJD Schlaffhorst-Andersen, Bad Nenndorf, Germany. Her experience includes interdisciplinary work within a pediatric and neurological team composed of general practitioners, occupational therapists and physical therapists.

Kathy’s experience in voice coaching entails training performers and professionals across a wide-range of fields in the art of extraordinary expression, through the use of individual and group voice coaching, breathing techniques, anti-stage-fright training and sound therapy. She is passionate about supporting people in the process of discovering and literally finding their own voice.

Since her arrival in Shanghai, Kathy has cooperated closely with schools, working both in German and English, and has taught children in multiple language households. She sees the voice, sound and breath as the essence of life, the beginning of self-awareness and central to the development of a healthy, balanced outlook.

Languages: English, German

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