Benita Adolph

Speech-Language Pathologist
M.A. Speech Language Therapy Practice
University of Auckland, New Zealand

Benita received her master’s degree in speech language therapy from the University of Auckland in New Zealand. Following her degree, Benita worked for the New Zealand Ministry of Education’s Special Education Department.

While at the ministry, Benita worked with children ranging in age from three to eight years old. Part of a multidisciplinary team that included early intervention teachers, psychologists, cultural advisors, and classroom teachers, her tasks included visiting schools, early education centers, and homes. Through her observations and assessments, she was able to tailor programs for each child to aid in the development of their communication skills.

Benita’s experience at the ministry taught her the importance of training adults who are significant in a child’s life to offer lifelong support and learning in the most effective manner possible. Benita also learned how to set goals and strategies unique to each family.

Benita is passionate about connecting with people of all cultures and backgrounds to provide them with family-centered service, something she feels is greatly attainable for her at ELG. She aims to bring a practical and routine-based style of support that will become part of each child’s school and home lives. She works with family members and teachers to provide guidance for interactive and hands on activities they can carry out in daily life.


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