Chantal Chen

Occupational Therapist
B.OT, M.Res.
University of Birmingham, UK

Chantal trained as an occupational therapist at Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan, and obtained her master’s degree with merit in cognitive neuropsychology and rehabilitation at the University of Birmingham, UK. Prior to joining ELG, Chantal had more than four years of experience in the fields of early intervention and school integration. She provided services which included handwriting skills training, sensory integration treatment, and training programs for fine/gross motor skills, visual-motor difficulties, and behavioral management. Furthermore, she also provided consultation and education programs for parents and teachers. Recently, she has been studying a combination of neuroscience and occupational therapy in order to develop a more efficient and evidence-based intervention for children with special needs, based on cognitive neuropsychological research.

Chantal is enthusiastic about the importance of communicating with the caregivers of the child. She believes that in order to improve and bring about positive change in a child’s life, the caregivers and therapists must work together closely.


  • Mandarin, English
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