Daisy Qin

Speech-Language Pathologist
M.A. Special Education, Concentration on Speech and Hearing Science
East China Normal University, China

Daisy holds a Special Education Master’s degree in Speech and Hearing Science, which she obtained at East China Normal University in 2008. She also holds a Chinese National Second-Level Psychological Counseling Certificate. Daisy has more than ten years of professional experience in the area of speech and language intervention. Across the years, Daisy has provided effective intervention services for children with autism, hearing impairment, language developmental delay and speech sound disorder amongst others.

Prior to joining ELG, Daisy worked as a form teacher in a Shanghai public special education school for eight years, working with pre-school to primary school-aged children. While there, Daisy worked on rehabilitation programs for hearing impaired children providing speech and phonological training. She also participated in many scientific research projects in Shanghai and Huangpu District. Through her work, Daisy received many teaching honors at the national and city levels, including the first prize of China education and rehabilitation skills competition, and the third prize of Shanghai school mental health education research achievement.

Daisy has a multi-disciplinary background. In addition to speech language pathology and special education, Daisy has received professional trainings in play therapy, PEERS Social Skills Training and Transdisciplinary Integration Intervention of Autism Spectrum Disorders. She also holds certificates from China and abroad, including a play therapy certification issued by the United States Play Therapy Training Institute, and non-standardized child language assessment certification issued by the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Daisy believes that every child has the potential to make progress and embraces the uniqueness of every child. She emphasizes close cooperation with parents and other specialists to promote the child’s development. After becoming a mother herself, she has a deeper empathy for children and parents. She respects parents’ views and is committed to helping family members participate in their child’s progress. When working with children, Daisy is inspired by a Chinese poem she loves and integrates this principle in her work – “I learn best from and am impacted most by my personal struggles. Therefore, I will join with children in their struggles.” Helping children enjoy success and pleasure in communication through her professional services is Daisy’s greatest happiness.


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