Dongxin Zhao

School Counselor
Master of Education in School Counseling
Boston University, US
Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology
Anhui University of Chinese Medicine

Dongxin earned his master’s degree in School Counseling from Boston University, US. He has a rich multicultural background and extensive experience working with children with special needs. He is a certified PreK–12 school counselor in the state of Massachusetts.

Prior to joining ELG, Dongxin worked as a school counselor in China and the US in a variety of school settings. He has worked with children and young adults in areas such as student mental health and academic, college and career counseling. He has also worked with special educators to support students with special needs, including depression and anxiety. Having been trained through the Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation’s Peer Helper Program and Montana State University’s Positive Culture Framework Training, he works with clients to embrace their unique backgrounds and culture, equipping them with skills to better support their own mental health and that of others.

As a School Counselor at ELG, Dongxin provides mental health and guidance counseling services to support children’s holistic emotional, social, and academic needs. In addition, he offers workshops to colleagues, educators, and parents to help others support children’s mental health. Dongxin holds a child-centered counseling philosophy integrated with positive psychology approach, which recognizes children’s strengths, actively improves their self-confidence and self-efficacy, and promotes resilience so they can thrive.

Dongxin loves to help students explore and reach their potential. He individualizes his approach to help children independently overcome difficulties and develop a confident self-image and positive outlook on life.


  • Mandarin, English
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