Ginny Ding

Deputy Director, Programs (Quality and Training), Special Education and Psychological Consultant
Special Education Graduate Diploma
East China Normal University, Shanghai

Ginny has decades of rich experience working with children, adolescents, and adults with special needs. Her skills are varied, as are the populations she has worked with; including autism spectrum disorders, depression, and bipolar disorder.

Prior to joining ELG, Ginny worked at Shanghai Pudong Special Education School for over 10 years, and eventually held the position of deputy principal. She later joined the Langley Child Development Center in Canada, devoting many years to researching about special education. After returning to China, Ginny founded the Mobisi Mental Health Counseling Clinic in Shanghai. Ginny is a US-registered play therapist and China-registered family therapist. She holds a Chinese National Second-Level Psychological Counseling Certificate.

As deputy director at ELG, Ginny guides the program team in developing evidence-based teaching and therapeutic methods that are aligned with the highest educational standards. She also oversees the development and implementation of high-quality Individual Education Plans (IEPs). By effectively utilizing resources from both local and international communities, Ginny optimizes ELG’s service delivery and social impact.

Ginny is deeply committed to ELG parents and helping them to better connect with and support their children. She is passionate about using evidence-based practices so that children reach their potential. Ginny’s goal is for children to function fully within society, living healthily and happily!


  • Mandarin, English
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