Jennifer Justice

Assistant Director, Services, Social Worker
California State University Fullerton, US

Jennifer holds a bachelor’s degree in human services from California State University Fullerton, with a concentration in children and families. She worked as a case manager and counselor for six years, working with various ages and populations. As a counselor, she supported pregnant teenagers to manage and regulate their own behavior, remain engaged in education, and recover from past trauma and self-destructive behaviors. During her time as a case manager, she helped homeless veterans suffering with different diagnoses to find suitable housing, treatment, and other support services. Jennifer also previously worked as an advocate for children who were experiencing suicidal thoughts at University of California Irvine’s hospital, and assisted families with finding support in their own community.

In her role as assistant director of services, Jennifer supports all new families seeking support for their child. She works with families to gain a thorough understanding of their child’s needs, and to set up an appropriate therapeutic or support plan. She guides families throughout the admissions process for  ELG’s individualized, therapeutic and educational full-time programs. She also supports families who require individual therapy sessions or assessments through ELG’s services.

Jennifer has a passion for helping others and believes that in order for her to provide the best initial support for a family, she firstly must understand their journey and perspective. She loves actively listening to families and children, and providing them with the package of support they need.


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