Katie Philcox

Behavior and Feeding Specialist
M.S. Applied Behavior Analysis
Queen’s University, Northern Ireland
B.S. Psychology
The Open University, UK

Katie earned a B.S. in psychology from The Open University, UK and an M.S. in applied behavior analysis from Queen’s University in Northern Ireland, completing her master’s dissertation on parent-led interventions for feeding problems.

Prior to joining ELG, Katie worked for ten years in the UK with individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities, initially in in-patient mental health units and then through community-based services. Most recently, she worked in early intervention autism services in Qatar, where she led an early intervention class and worked in the community as a consultant.

As a program leader at ELG, Katie supervises, supports, and motivates program staff to perform their roles in an effective and engaging way. She supports learners through undertaking skills-based assessments, designing Individualized Education Programs (IEPS), and conducting function-based behavior assessments for challenging behaviors. The commitment and strength of ELG’s families inspire Katie to work diligently to achieve the highest possible outcomes for each child. She focuses on parent training and generalization to the home setting, recognizing family members as vital members of every child’s therapy team.


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