Kimberley McKenna

Director, Services, Speech-Language Pathologist
The University of Sydney, Australia

Kimberley McKenna is a British-Australian speech-language pathologist. She holds a bachelor’s degree in speech pathology from the University of Sydney and is a certified practicing member of Speech Pathology Australia. She has a rich professional background in hands-on applications of speech pathology having worked in a variety of settings, from the family home to the courtroom.

Since graduation, she has stayed up-to-date with advances in speech pathology research and readily employs evidence-based approaches to her innovative and engaging sessions. Her professional development offering includes training in accent modification for multilingual speakers, particularly professionals. Additionally, she has experience both as a clinical educator, supervising and assessing university master’s degree students, and as an accredited Witness Intermediary for an Australian scheme to facilitate communication of child witnesses in police interview and cross examination settings.

Kimberley has worked for the Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales governments, providing children and adults with professional support in speech and literacy, fussy eating, developing friendships, and improving language skills to age expectancy levels. Her work experiences have allowed her to develop a dynamic speech therapy practice that accommodates her clients’ unique family circumstances, which enables more rapid and continuous progress.

Kimberley brings her practical knowledge and honed skills into her role as an ELG speech-language pathologist, through which she provides one-on-one individually tailored therapy sessions. She assesses speech, language and literacy abilities in order to ascertain a person’s overall communicative abilities and provide personalized interventions. She also instructs school teachers, support workers, extended family and other relevant caregivers on the specific needs of the client, so they may play an active role in the achievement of communication goals.

With a practice rooted in the belief that communication connects human beings and is a fundamental human need, Kimberley feels fulfilled from meeting the high expectations she holds for speech therapy. She enjoys working with diverse client groups and providing intervention to multilingual clients; thus, she loves living in China’s most multicultural city, Shanghai.


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