Sidney Lim

Program Leader
M. Ed. in Early Intervention
Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
B.A. Early Childhood Education and Leadership
Wheelock College, Boston

Prior to joining ELG, Sidney worked in Singapore for five years in an early intervention setting. She planned activities collaboratively with therapists and ensured therapeutic strategies were embedded in daily routines. Her approach to service delivery is family-centered and transdisciplinary, ensuring comprehensive support for children, both in the program and at home.

Sidney has extensive experience working with children with special needs, including autism spectrum disorder (ASD), global developmental delay, Down syndrome, and physical disabilities.

As a program leader at ELG, Sidney has a wide range of responsibilities. She trains and supports program staff in their daily activities and service plans, as well as ensuring an overall high quality therapy provision for all children. She is passionate about effective communication with families and developing individualized development programs (IDP) for children.

Sidney enjoys working closely with parents and helping to develop home intervention programs for their children. She is also enthusiastic about planning integrative, therapeutic sessions with therapists that are shared in the program. Reaching goals together is at the heart of Sidney’s work!


  • Mandarin, English
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