Xiangrong Wang

Program Leader
M.A., Child Study and Human Development
Tufts University, US
B.S. Applied Psychology
East China Normal University, China

Xiangrong earned her master’s degree in Child Study and Human Development from Tufts University, US. She also holds a National Level-III Psychological Consultant Certificate and Teacher’s Qualification Certificate in Mental Health Education.

Prior to joining ELG, Xiangrong worked with preschool and school-age children with special needs in both China and the U.S. She provided direct one-on-one services related to academic, social, and emotional development as well as family support and parenting workshops. Most recently, Xiangrong worked as a senior program facilitator at ELG. In this role, she worked with children in the Young Learners Chinese program and helped them thrive in the structured program environment.

As a program leader at ELG, Xiangrong coordinates closely with specialists, program staff, and families to ensure children receive personalized, high-quality support that meets their unique needs. She also develops individualized development plans (IDP) and assists children in achieving their individualized goals. Part of Xiangrong’s responsibilities include supervising, training, and supporting program staff.

Xiangrong knows parents and caregivers play a critical role in their children’s development, and she focuses on effectively communicating with parents and supporting families. She sees each child’s infinite potential—and helps them reach it!


  • Mandarin, English
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