Relaxation Techniques for Your Little Ones!

Do our little ones already need relaxation? While it may seem surprising, children are already exposed to stress and pressure. Time and performance pressure, unrestricted and mindless media consumption, electronic toys, lack of body movement, environmental...

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Tingting Talks Episode One | What is an Art Therapist?

Join ELG’s Art Therapist, Tingting Chen, in a series of short interviews as she explains more about Art Therapy, the role of an Art Therapist, how Art Therapy helps and more! In this video, Tingting answers the question of the day! Click on the video below...

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A Surprise Thank-You Letter for ELG’s SLP Daisy Qin

Recently, Daisy Qin, one of ELG’s experienced bilingual Speech-Language Pathologists, received an unexpected thank-you letter from a parent. This parent is the mother of a child named S. Daisy has been supporting S at ELG for quite some time. When she was...

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