• Dr. Shari Rosen, one of our founders and program director, winner of the 2014 SENIA Inaugural Advocacy Award
  • Helping children and families, loving what we do every step of the way!
  • Therapeutic services for children, based on best practices.
  • Fully customized full-day program for every kind of learner.
  • After-school group programs to help children achieve their potential in academic, social and emotional areas of their lives.

The Essential Learning Group is a social enterprise dedicated to providing high-quality special education services in Shanghai, Guangzhou and the Greater China area.



The Innovative Learning Center

A daily program for children that benefit from highly individualized programs in a caring, small environment.

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The Clinic

ELG’s multi-disciplinary educational practice, which offers therapeutic interventions, assessments and social and academic support services. These include Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Ed-Psych Assessments and more.

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When ELG first started in 2005, there were almost no special education resources available in Shanghai for expats or local families. A small group of pioneers made up of Western professionals came together with the goal of supporting families and making a difference to the lives of locals. Since then, ELG has grown into an organization with over 90 passionate staff members, many with specialized degrees and expertise, who support families, educators, and children through a variety of services.

The Innovative Learning Center is ELG’s full time program for families and children who cannot get their needs met at international or local schools. Based on best practices, the goal at ILC is to meet each child’s individual needs in a purposeful, warm, and engaging environment.

The Clinic and Learning Annex provide multidisciplinary therapeutic, academic and educational support services to help children thrive in school. ELG recruits passionate professionals from all over the world who love helping children succeed.

ELG Academy, our newest program, provides training, consulting, and professional development to educators and schools, helping to improve the quality of education throughout Asia.

ELG’s various locations, on-campus clinics, and remote service options means that families and educators have a wide range of choices for personalized services that are affordable, high quality and convenient.

“ELG has people from different backgrounds and different cultures, who speak different languages and have different hair colors. But we all share one goal – helping children.”

– ELG Specialist

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