Stress is something that we all experience in our daily life. However, a state of chronic stress can lead to burnout. This is especially pertinent in the profession of teaching, where the focus is on taking care of others instead of yourself.

This workshop will help you to identify the nature, common signs and symptoms of experiencing burnout. You will have the opportunity to practice creative and fun strategies to prevent, anticipate, address and transform burnout. We will incorporate mindfulness and creative arts into self-care. For example, we will explore the connection of body and mind, in relation to the feeling of tension.

Further, we will explore how to find and create a relaxing place to refresh and energize. This will be a place of your own that you can visit whenever you feel stressed.

You may be worried that you are not a good artist. It is not about making good artwork. Instead it is about being creative, trusting the process and understanding yourself better. You will go home with creative activities that you can use with yourself and others. This workshop is a time to offer yourself a chance to relax, connect and have a few laughs together.

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