Social skills are the ways we interact and communicate with the people around us. They are the foundation of meaningful relationships with friends, partners and collaborators. Well-developed social skills help us to be accepted, confident and, consequently, happier and more satisfied.

Does your child…

  • Have trouble making friends?

  • Feel shy speaking up in a group?

  • React strongly when things do not go their way?

  • Have difficulty participating in group projects?

  • Feel isolated after a long school closure due to COVID-19?

Led by our experienced bilingual speech-language and occupational therapists, ELG’s Social Skills Groups provide an inclusive and supportive environment for learners to practice conversation and pragmatic skills in a small group, before generalizing these skills to a larger setting.

We help children to foster their confidence and a sense of achievement through meaningful group activities, enabling every learner to explore their full potential in the areas of:


  • emotional regulation 
  • conversational skills 
  • self-expression
  • following directions
  • sharing and turn-taking
  • problem solving
  • join attention
  • and more….

Any family who is keen to develop their child’s socio-emotional, speech-language and sensory skills, as well as gain academic/social support outside of their child’s school or kindergarten, would benefit from this valuable social skills group that aims to help children establish positive and rewarding relationships with others.

Children will be grouped according to their age, language, ability, and needs. Target skills will be tailored to most benefit all group members. We commit to having a maximum of 6 members in each group and a high adult-to-child ratio (3 children to 1 adult) to ensure every child receives highly individualized attention and support.

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