On December 7, 2020, ELG had the privilege of welcoming Mr. James Heller, Consul General to Shanghai, and other distinguished representatives from the U.S. Consulate General in Shanghai to visit our campus. This special visit gave our guests a deeper insight into ELG’s history and impact as China’s leading private provider of special education. Over the past 15 years, ELG has supported thousands of families, including many consulate families.

When asked to share about ELG’s history, Dr. Shari Rosen, ELG’s cofounder, humorously recalls with the group how she told Monte Rosen, her husband and cofounder of ELG, that he should go back to the U.S. and she would stay when his one-year posting to China had come to an end. Dr. Rosen’s commitment to make a difference in the lives of families with children with special needs in China was the driving force behind the founding of ELG. Andrew Hill, the final member of ELG’s founding trio, eventually became their ‘Chinese partner’ to make this dream a reality. That dream started in 2006 and continues today. 

During the tour, the delegation was introduced to ELG’s Programs and ServicesMooney Niu, Director of Services, who leads our 30-member strong Specialist team, shared how our multidisciplinary specialists travel across Shanghai to provide therapeutic services and consultations at schools and homes. Blair Tang, Assistant Director of Programs, explained about the holistic view and individualized approach we have towards each child in our daily Programs. Putting their social communication skills to practice, our Program children warmly greeted our guests as their entered the classroom. 

Parent representative, Kaniz Dextreit, expressed to the group that the only reason why the family had the confidence to move from UK to Shanghai was because ELG existed. Their family found out about ELG through their relocation company and made the big decision to move across the world knowing that their special child would receive the support he needed. 

No visit to ELG is complete without visiting our student-run Allo Café. Allo Café is an integral part of ELG’s Life Skills Program, which equips youths with additional needs with practical and vocational skills for lifelong independence. 

The group then rounded up their tour by hearing about Xiersen’s (ELG’s sister NGO) projects and donning their striking orange and grey A-WARE sleeves – a campaign aimed at highlighting careers in support of the special needs’ community.

Expressing his support towards ELG and Xiersen, Mr. Heller applauded the contributions both organizations have made to China’s special education scene thus far, and affirmed our hopes of impacting even more lives in the years ahead.

ELG’s mission

To equip families and children with additional needs to be future-ready through creating a sustainable system to guide and support both children and parents on the journey towards a shared future.

Xiersen’s mission

To improve the condition of special education in China

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