Daisy Qin

Speech-Language Pathologist
M.A. Special Education, Concentration on Speech and Hearing Science
East China Normal University


mkt_biopicture_daisy_副本_副本Daisy holds a Special Education Master’s degree in Speech and Hearing Science, which she obtained at East China Normal University in 2008. Prior to joining ELG, Daisy worked in a Shanghai public school for eight years, working with pre-school to primary school-aged children. While there, Daisy worked at rehabilitation programs for hearing impaired children, speech, and phonological training. Through her work, Daisy has received many teaching honors at the national and city levels.

Daisy has trained in Pediatrics, Audiology, Educational Psychology, and Speech- Language Pathology, both in China and abroad. This allows her to combine useful information through multiple perspectives, put a special emphasis on building good relationships with children, and develop effective assessment and treatment plans based on each child’s potential and needs.

Daisy believes that every child contains potential for development. As a mother, she understands and respects the needs of children, and their parents. As a Speech-Language Pathologist, she focuses on observing and inspiring children’s potential in speech, language and communication.

Seeing children’s growth and progress brings Daisy her greatest happiness. She hopes that she can help every child learn to enjoy and succeed in communication.

Languages: Mandarin


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