Angela Cruz

Director, Marketing

Angela holds a bachelor’s degree in international development studies co-op from the University of Toronto, focusing on economic development in Third World countries.

Angela came to Shanghai in 2013 as a trailing spouse, hoping to advance her career in social impact management and marketing. From a very early age, she has volunteered regularly, using her skills and energy to provide community assistance and promote international causes. She has worked at public, private, and non-profit organizations of all sizes. She has run digital marketing campaigns for Hewlett-Packard (Canada) and non-profits in the UK and Canada. Previously, she ran the charities programs at Community Center Shanghai, including Giving Tree, River of Hearts, and Charity LINK.

At ELG, Angela oversees the marketing department, working with her team to help families find and access ELG’s services and resources. She works with the wider ELG staff team to offer educational resources and community-building opportunities to families and professionals. She seeks to raise awareness of the high quality services available and encourage people to access the support ELG offers. She enjoys doing community outreach, managing creative campaigns, and creating useful content for parents and professionals.

Angela is in awe of ELG’s special educators and therapists who do valuable, heartfelt work. She is proud to promote their knowledge, talents, and passion. She is excited to change the lives of families in Shanghai and beyond, by introducing them to ELG’s programs and educational resources.


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