15 Years in China Reassured Our Mission

Earlier this month, Dr. Shari Rosen - ELG's founder was interviewed by TimeOut Shanghai and talked about the mission of ELG and 15 years' stories in China.  ‘What you guys want to do… It’s a pipe dream.’ This was the response ELG co-founder and speech-language...

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家长论坛 —— 与自闭症行业专家面对面

与专家面对面 —— 自闭症及特殊需求儿童家长论坛   2020年12月13日 | 上午09:00 - 下午15:00 关于本论坛 2015年公布的《中国孤独症教育康复行业发展状况报告》中称,目前我国孤独症呈高发趋势,发病率高达1%。孤独症又称自闭症,是广泛性发育障碍的代表性疾病。 自闭症儿童在逐年增加,而自闭症的诱因至今还没有明确定论,因此很难做到预防。自闭症儿童后期治疗、康复是一条漫长艰辛的道路,这也让孩子背后的家长们,承受了常人难以想象的经济上和精神上的双重压力。...

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[11/12] Teen Suicide Awareness and Prevention Webinar

Adolescence can be a very stressful time. Teenagers are going through major life changes, including bodily development, changes in thoughts and feelings, and instability in the environment. They may experience confusion, self-doubt, hopelessness,...

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Preparing Your Child (And Yourself) For School

2020 has been a very different year with schools shutting down and re-opening due to the Coronavirus. All the routines were shaken up. Summer’s gone and September marks the return to the normality for many students as they start the new semester.The...

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How to Say “No” to Your Child?

Many young parents must have had such devastating experiences:It is difficult to say ‘no’ to your child. On the occasions you must say no, how will he/she respond? They usually don’t take it well. They may talk back, cry, scream, or have some of the worst...

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