On Saturday, November 14, 2020, ELG’s community partner – The Expatriate Center (TEC) hosted a successful event for the community with a spotlight on mental health.

Entitled “Thriving and Hope in A Changing World” and co-organized by The Expatriate Center (TEC) and Shanghai International Mental Health Association (SIMHA), seminars were conducted for both healthcare professionals and the public, covering topics around anxiety, stress, depression, suicide, marriage and parenting. 

ELG’s Art Therapist, Tingting Chen, was one of the illustrious speakers invited to speak at this community event. It was no surprise that Tingting’s inspiring topic ‘When Art Meets Psychology’ drew in much attention and was highly popular among attendees. Tingting engaged her audiences with her warm personality and vibrant sharing!

Tingting began with an interactive activity to warm up the group. She then gently introduced to the room what art healing is, and how it can help. Her lively and insightful explanations benefitted all who were present.

This event brought together both experts within the field and general audiences, and provided a common platform for attendees to connect, collaborate and share resources with the goal of raising awareness about mental health.

Amidst the challenges of this year, mental health issues have especially risen as a key concern in society and it remains crucial for the community to come together in strength. ELG’s team of professional mental health experts and counselors are here to support you and your families in this journey toward positive mental health.

If you have any concerns about your child’s social and emotional health, please reach out to us. Our team of child intervention experts can work with your family and your child’s school to help you understand your child’s needs.

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