Xiersen is ELG’s sister NGO and they have recently held a successful art inspired event to mark the end of this year. This special project known as “Golden Tulip Art Ambassadors” brought together friends of Xiersen – the Shanghai Pudong New Area Special School and Golden Tulip Shanghai Rainbow Hotel. Read on to be inspired!

It has been said that “Art is a universal language”, the Xiersen team proudly witnessed this as young artists of Shanghai Pudong New Area Special School created unique masterpieces inspired by the tulip flower, in particular the ‘Golden Tulip’. Art has many benefits for children with special needs including creative expression, building of fine motor and communication skills, and boosting of self-esteem.

WHAT? This project is part of Xiersen’s A-WARE campaign to create awareness about children with special needs in the community. 30 art-loving students from Shanghai Pudong New Area Special School were selected and had the privilege of having a private art class with Jensen Moreno, a talented artist from the Philippines. 

We want to highlight the creativity of each child and what better way to do so than through art!

Jensen had been specially invited by Golden Tulip to be part of this initiative. Jensen is a professional artist who finds great joy in sharing her passion for art and giving back to the community.

On Friday, October 30th, excitement was in the air as Xiersen team members together with Jensen, visited two campuses of the Shanghai Pudong New Area Special School. Young artists were taught how to paint using the palette knife technique, an area of Jensen’s specialty. The main visual inspiration was based on Golden Tulip’s logo – a tulip. Jensen encouraged the students to use bright and bold colors that expressed their feelings. Most of all, she reminded the students have FUN in the creation process… 

To end on a high note, these completed artworks were unveiled during Golden Tulip’s ‘Thank You Party’ last Thursday, November 26th. That evening, the children and their parents were invited to the exhibition. ELG’s Founder, Monte Rosen, also showed his support at the event. Here are some highlights of this wonderful evening. 

Through the student’s masterpieces, ELG and Xiersen and community partners aim to spread awareness about the unique gifts of each child. ELG and Xiersen are committed to helping families and children with additional needs on the path towards a shared future. 

These artworks will be displayed at the hotel until mid-December and are available for purchase. Please visit Golden Tulip Hotel to check out the children’s artworks. Portion of funds raised will be channeled back to the Shanghai Pudong New Area Special School. 

Xiersen sincerely extends their thanks to ELG, Golden Tulip and Shanghai Pudong New Area Special School for making this meaningful event possible. Follow Xiersen for more exciting events and recaps.

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